Welcome to the Official Sophia A. Nelson Blog

Welcome to the official blog for Author, Journalist, Columnist and Political Pundit Sophia Angeli Nelson, Esquire.

This blog will serve as the temporary headquarters for all things Sophia Nelson until the new website is LIVE at http://www.sophiaanelson.com this October as well as the new updated website for the Updated Trade Paperback edition of “Black Woman Redefined” at http://www.blackwomanredefined.com.

Due in stores & via amazon October 22, 2012.

You can also follow Sophia on Twitter at https://twitter.com/sophiaredefined or on her Official Fan/Information Page via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SophiaANelsonEsq. If you like the more soulful sentimental side of Sophia please follow @soulsentiments on Twitter or on Facebook. Sophia’s column’s run via Essence.com, USATODAY.com, and TheGrio.com weekly & monthly as she posts them.  You can also catch her on MSNBC & TvOne as a Political Analyst for the 2012 Campaign.

Please stop by, comment on posts, share your insights and topics you want Sophia to discuss. She is very interactive.

Have a great rest of the summer!

Technical Team for

Sophia A. Nelson, Esquire

One thought on “Welcome to the Official Sophia A. Nelson Blog

  1. I am a 61 year-old, white woman who saw you on CSPAN this morning. I was a high school, science teacher in a inner-city, 98% black in 1985-88 (Richmond, VA). I noticed then and I still notice that black people seem to eschew an education because it is “white” to speak properly, or be knowledgeable. I even had black students say that being polite was white. I’m afraid that fairly closed black neighborhoods teach their children what is white and then to hate it or reject it as white. Is it an accident that Obama, Mr Gates and other successful blacks were not raised in a predominantly black world? I know there are far more examples of successful blacks coming from black neighborhoods, but I wonder how much reverse racism is toxic to blacks today. I know it was very toxic to the majority of my students back in the ’80’s. You had a black man call in and say he was not voting at all, a cynical attitude influenced by victim’s assumption that he has no control over improvement. I think an attitude toward Obama that has been fed by a narrative that getting an education makes you more white, is a result of this reverse racism. I think that until blacks see an education and knowledge as a part of themselves, their own birthright, like Dr. King did, blacks will be doomed to under-employment and prey to rip-offs. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say and can articulate it better than I may have done. I hate to see people of any color make themselves victims when the door to the cage is open and their wings work perfectly well.

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