Sophia’s Soul Sentiments Sunday Inspirations

Happy Sunday evening. I hope you have had a great day. My message for today comes from my weekly Saturday Love Twitter Chat.

We talked this weekend about getting out of your own way and the choices that we make.  Most if not all of our happiness in life comes from the choices we make, and those that we do not make.  If we are honest much of our life’s trails, and challenges come when we are in our own way. Looking at self is always hard. It requires the ability to love yourself enough to want to see your faults, not so that you can wallow in regret or guilt, but so that you can truly change and transform.  Here are 10 tips for getting out of your own way and understanding how you can make choices in a way that bless you and not hamper you.

10 Tips on Getting Out of Your Own Way:

Tip #1-Identify what motivates you in life. What is your passion? 

Tip #2: Own your fears so that you can challenge them. You cannot change what you will NOT confront!

Tip #3: Change your mindset. Every battle we will ever fight is won or lost 1st in our minds. Change your mind=Change your life!

Tip #4: Set some expectations for your life, but do not expect perfection. Perfection will wreck you every time

Tip #5 Stop focusing on what might not work, what might fail. Focus on your dream & pursue it passionately

Tip #6: Stay away from people that drain, steal, rob, and use your energy and pour nothing back into you.

Tip #7: Learn to make a decision & commit to it or not. But decide. Most of life is wasted NOT making a firm decision

Tip #8: Make schedules not excuses in your life. Be focused. Follow through. Respect other’s time & your own.

Tip #9: Do not censor people who are trying to help guide you to greatness. Let them speak over & into your life.

Tip #10 Take your dreams seriously. Breathe them in like the air you breathe each day! Keep dreaming-it keeps us living!

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