The Power of Choices. ..

Good Morning! It’s Magical Monday and you know I love Mondays.

Make sure that you fall on your knees today, or say a silent prayer and give thanks for the fact that you woke up this morning and that you can see, you can feel, you can touch, you can breathe.  Give God some praise before you approach him with petition!

This week I want you to focus on the power of CHOICES in your life. Life for most of us is not a steady-paced stroll through time, with a simple beginning, a middle, and an end. As I said to the young female interns with The Reid Group in New York on Saturday morning: Life will throw you curve balls, it will surprise you, challenge you, and humble you all at once.  So you have to do the best you can to make the right choices as they come along.  100% of our happiness comes from our choices. So let’s make good ones.

Before I share five nuggets of how I try to make choices or major decisions in my life, let me say this: Not all change in our life is by choice. Sometimes we end up responding or reacting to life’s tragedies, sorrows, losses, opportunities, set-backs, and triumphs as a means of basic survival.  It is at those times that our faith is tested, and that our walk in the valley is often alone.  But not matter what: Choosing is something we must do everyday.

Here are five tips you might consider relative to the power of choice:

Tip #1: Will doing this or not doing this add to my life or take away from it?

Tip #2: If I make this decision who will it help, or does it hurt? If someone is going to get hurt, is it worth it to risk that?

Tip #3: Who am I? Does doing or saying or being this, add up to who I say I am in life. Will my #choices square with my character & values.

Tip #4: My #choices shout to the world how I see myself, value myself, and most important how I value other human beings around me. Choose wisely

Tip #5: Finally make #choices in life soberly, with reflection, while rested, prayed up, and with wise counsel. You won’t go wrong. Trust that!

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