What Kind of Fruit is Hanging from Your Tree?

What kind of fruit is hanging from your tree? How do others see you?  Does your public image or brand match up to who you truly are inside? The Biblical notion of spiritual “fruit” of the “spirit” is one that we are all familiar with.  It lists out a number of character traits and virtues that people who claim to be believers should possess in abundance.

The Fruit of the spirit is as follows: Joy, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Love, Faithfulness, Self-Control, Goodness, Peace.

I mentioned that I like to follow trends and who tweets what, posts what on Facebook, etc. I can tell you that no matter how many times it is posted, or tweeted when people talk about “knowing people by their fruit” or “believing them when they show you who they are” it always gets the highest interactions and feedback.  Sometimes it is scary how many people living in the same universe can be connected by the same set of emotions and feelings.  All of us have been burned by people we believed to possess this fruit only to find out the real fruit was damaged, unripened, sour or flat-out rotten.

I did an exercise with my sorority sisters this past weekend where we all had a paper butterfly that we decorated put our names on it and then has to pass it around to 20 other women who would write one word on the back to describe how they saw us.  Only positive–affirmative words were used.  But it was interesting to see how your peers who work with you, socialize with you and serve on committees with you truly see you as a human being.

Today, ask yourselves some hard questions. What kind of fruit am I bearing on my tree. Is my fruit sweet, ripe, juicy and firm or is it sour, unripened, or worse rotten. At the end of the day NONE of us is perfect. All of us has some damaged fruit hanging on our tree.  The issue is can we be mature enough to have that fruit pruned. If we can allow God the Creator to prune us, allow our friends and loved ones to prune us with affirmations, admonishment and wisdom we will grow. We will blossom. We will produce good, strong, delicious fruit.  We will be the tree all want to taste from. We will attract people who want to pick our fruit, and in turn sow back into our tree so that we continue to grow and bless others.



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