Join Sophia Nelson & The All Star Joint NBC/TV-One Team for GOP & Democrat Convention Coverage 2012

NBC News and TV One are partnering to provide joint coverage on the final nights of the Republican and Democratic conventions, as well as on election night, the two networks announced on Wednesday. “As part of the partnership, TV One will air a four-hour broadcast on the final evening of the Republican (8:00pm-12:00am / ET, Thursday, August 30th) and Democratic (8:00pm-12:00am / ET, Thursday, September 6th) conventions featuring TV One correspondents and veteran political reporters from NBC News and theGrio (, NBC News’ video-centric news site devoted to stories and perspectives that appeal to the African-American community,” the announcement said.

“NBC News’ Craig Melvin will anchor all three evenings of coverage from NBC’s Washington, DC studios and TV One’s Washington Watch host Roland Martin will round out coverage with additional segments and analysis.”

“. . . Kim Bondy is executive producer and Kerri Forrest is senior producer for TV One’s election and convention coverage.” Bondy is a former CNN vice president for morning programming and was senior executive producer of CNN’s “American Morning” with Soledad O’Brien and Bill Hemmer.

Melvin joined MSNBC a year ago from NBC-owned WRC in Washington. He has anchored the weekend edition of the “Today” show and reported from Newark during February’s coverage of the funeral ofWhitney HoustonHis name was in the gossip columns in October after he married Lindsay Czarniakof ESPN, a co-worker when both were at WRC.

TV One and NBC are both at least partly owned by Comcast Corp., which acquired NBCUniversal last year. Comcast is a minority owner of TV One, a creation of Radio One.

The election collaboration is latest in partnership among news organizations sharing a parent organization.

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