Sophia’s Soulful Sentiments Special: An Original Poem “Never Cut What Can Be Untied”

Editor Note: You all know I am pretty good with words. It is a gift that I thank God for daily.  This past week has been challenging. I don’t want to get into particulars but suffice it to say I find myself missing someone I once cared for like a sister and as I think about her today and something she is facing right now, I penned these words early this morning and decided to share them in the hopes that someone, somewhere might be blessed by reading them:

Never Cut What Can Be Untied

Never Cut What Can Be Untied

Just as a raging river can make two shores seem far apart, sometimes our wounded feelings can
make it hard to build a bridge from heart to heart.
In the midst of the struggle, in the heat of unintended pain we often say things that can be hard to reclaim.
We rattle the walls, we shake the foundations, and in doing so we weaken the bridge.
Which makes it so much harder to walk across safely once again.
And yet as time goes by, just like the river’s flow, the heartache and hurt between two
people, yields to lessons that hopefully allows them to grow.
And from that growth, true feelings we once again regain, and thoughts of reconnection
begin to diminish the hurtful and devastating pain.
But if we are patient, and we trust in our faith, the day arrives when longings are
too strong to keep inside, though the distance may be wide, someone who is brave enough finally crosses over to the other side.

And we join hands once again beyond the memory of what broke us a part, and we
build a bridge of greater worth and understanding heart to heart. A new bond that is forged not from bricks
and mortar but from truth, love, and the birth of a new bridge emerges because we are firmly walking in order.
Life holds no greater meaning than that we over come the past, and summon the courage to walk to that other shore with hope and peace, at last.

And when the two estranged finally cross the raging river–they will stand eye to eye–and in an instant they will know where their loyalties lie.

That is why my grandmother always told me this, young lady no matter what, “You never cut what you can untie.”

(c) Sophia A. Nelson, Esquire

Editor’s note: My grandmother borrowed the phrase “Never Cut. . .” (I think) from the great Poet Robert Frost because when I Googled the phrase it came up as a quote from him.  How wonderful she loved his Poem at JFK’s Inaugural.

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