Sophia’s Soulful Sentiments: The Power of Greeting a New Day

Remember to Greet Each New Day

I woke up early this morning–very early. I love autumn it is my favorite season of the year because the sun rises a little slower as the darkness give way to light.  But what was on my mind today as I lay there in the silence of morning is that we as mere mortals have forgotten how to greet each new day.

By that I mean, each day that we are ALIVE is a gift! The knowledge of this wonderment is all but lost to us.  The truth of the matter is that each day is sacred: a unique gift from God that is precious.  Each new day brings with it OPPORTUNITY! It allows us to begin again, to start over. It gives us a chance to revel in the glory of God’s majesty–in the predictable turning of night to day. If only we would PAUSE. REFLECT. and RESPECT. that we were chosen to awaken once again. We all would stop and utter a prayer, “God thank you, I am alive. I have been given one more day of life.”

As the weekend approaches, and then another week, we MUST relearn how to stand in AWE, how to face for a moment to the vast sky with praise and thanksgiving. We need to relearn how to be grateful no matter how pain-filled our lives may be. We are ALIVE. And the earth is still spinning, the day is still beginning, and that where there is LIFE there is always HOPE.

Too often (and I am guilty of this also) we focus on what we have lost. We focus on what life has robbed from us. Yet it pays to remember that “evil” has never and will never wobble the earth off its course. That as we slept last night, we were among the lucky who were protected.  Thus we should celebrate each new day with vigor and amazement that we are HERE!

Today and everyday we awake, don’t forget to take just a few moments to be grateful to a God who created this world and created you just the same. Each new day reminds us of this truth: That the Lord of the morning is still our sovereign, providential creator of the universe. And if He is that–nothing in your world is to small for Him to handle.



2 thoughts on “Sophia’s Soulful Sentiments: The Power of Greeting a New Day

  1. Hi Sohia! Thank you for sharing. I use this wonderful site as my gratitude journal tracker. I love it and it sends me an email of all the things I wrote that I was grateful for throughout the week.
    So Grateful,
    RoShunda R.

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