Get Lifted: Sunday Inspiration via Essence Online with Sophia Nelson “5 Life Lessons from Steel Magnolias” the Remake!


(EXCERPT of the piece running live NOW on Essence: )

“I’d rather have 30 minutes of something wonderful than a Lifetime of nothing special.”  — Shelby to her mom M’Lynn in a scene from Steel Magnolias

Twitter was abuzz last Sunday with the Lifetime movie premiere ofSteel Magnolias. The all-Black cast set a record for Lifetime viewers as Black women across the globe united to watch, tweet, comment, cry, laugh, and embrace such a positive portrayal of our lives as women. The 2012 remake of the 1989 original hit movie, starring Julia Roberts, Sally Fields, Shirley Mclaine and others, touched a raw nerve for the collective sisterhood, because it hit us where we live most deeply and authentically as women; as friends, wives, mothers, and sisters.

Lifetime’s gamble on an all-Black female cast paid off handsomely as the movie was the third most-watched ever in Lifetime channel’s history. The rating makes me smile, because it says we as Black women have stories to tell that are not too different from that of our White sisters, or other sisters of color. And it tells me that those stories resonated and connected with a broader TV audience. . .(Click the link above to read the entire article)

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