Sophia’s Daily Power Chats Super Popular on Twitter: Today’s theme is when to “walk away” from chapter 11 of the New Black Woman Redefined Paperback

Today is “work it out” Wednesday. Today make a decision to work it out or to #WalkAway if you must. Walking away doesn’t mean you do so forever, it just means for now you must.  It is so important that we value ourselves first. If we don’t no-one will. Trust that. Love you first. And if they love you, they will come back for you when they are healthy enough to love, honor, cherish and respect the gift of YOU!

The thing is we teach people HOW to treat us. If you let people talk to you crazy, disrespect you, abuse you, malign you and you stay in their space or beg them to love You; You are saying: I like this. Keep treating me badly. So why expect a different result? It won’t happen. You need to #WalkAway

Here are 10 signs that YOU need to #WalkAway from a person, place or thing that is causing you hurt, pain, disrespect, or confusion.

1.)    You need to #WalkAway when conflict arises & you are the only one trying to resolve the problem. It takes two 2 make things right.

2.)    You need to #WalkAway when someone is intentionally hurting you, shows no remorse, no change, & expects you to just “accept” it. Don’t.

3.)    You need to #WalkAway when you no longer feel good about you in “their” presence. You’re continually shrinking back instead of thriving

4.)    You need to #WalkAway when your are being abused in any shape, way or form. Abuse only gets worse. Do Not make excuses 4 them. Leave.

5.)    You need to #WalkAway when they bring you more pain then they do peace. You may love them, but learn to love you more. Walk away.

6.)     You need to #WalkAway when you are doing all the giving, caring, sharing. It’s one sided & not reciprocal. They make excuses not 2 love.

7.)    You need to #WalkAway when they do not think you are worthy & they show you every chance they get. Pay attention to how folks treat you.

8.)    You need to #WalkAway when it is simply not healthy for you to be there anymore. Trust your spirit. It knows when its time 2 go.

9.)    You need to #WalkAway when your have done all you can. All you can do after that is wish them well, “untie” and keep moving forward

10.) You need to #WalkAway when your love is unrequited, ignored, misused, abused, taken for granted. Someone else will be happy 2 love you!

Key takeaways: We should #Walkaway when we are not valued. Period. YOU are worthy. Know your value. Honor yourself & others will too.

Quote of the Day: She/he who learns a lesson, must then TEACH the lesson. Today “work it out” or #walkaway if needed & teach what you’ve learned!


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