Join Redefinition Strategist Sophia Nelson on a 42 Day Journey to Getting the Life You Want in 2013

2012 is just about over.  What do you WANT for your life in 2013? What do you need? What do you desire? Do you Dare desire more for yourself than what has been lost, taken, or “eaten by the locusts” of life? If so you need to join us on this journey for the next 42 days.

At the end of each year people will start making resolutions that they cannot keep and by the time February comes they are right back in the same rut they started in as December ended. They feel defeated, unprepared and they hobble along miserably through yet another year not feeling fulfilled, affirmed, or successful

It is time to break the cycle of defeat in our lives. It is time to Redefine your life for a better more happy YOU! The scripture says in Joel 2:25: “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten–the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm–my great army that I sent among you.” In other words GOD is saying I can give you back what you lost, what was wrongfully taken from you: your dignity, your faith, your heart, your finances, your family, your relationships, your job, your dreams.

Today we declare that 2013 is the year of our RESTORATION. But before we can be restored, we must be willing to face our losses, let go of things, of people, of hurt, and grieve, release, and heal so we can move forward with a fresh new vision, and purpose for our lives.  That word is “Redefinition”: it means to re-examine for the purpose of change. It means I am ready to do it over again. To Start anew, to define my life on my terms, for me.

We are super excited to announce the 42 days end of 2012 “Restoration-Redefining You” challenge. It is simple. Very simple. Each day the first 100 women/men that sign up will be able to participate in a 10 minute “power-up & release” call with Author/Strategist Sophia A. Nelson each morning at 8AMET/7AMCST and a special call for west coasters at 11AMET.  You can email us at: to get on our power-up call list we will provide you with the access codes and times daily each morning coast to coast.  We will then announce a TEXT messaging # where everyday you will get a word of inspiration from Sophia directly to your text on your PDA or mobile phone.  It will be simply: REDEFINE: And you simply follow Sophia’s Soulful Sentiments page on Facebook or the Black Woman Redefined page on Facebook for daily inspirational posts, actions, that will help you prepare YOU for an amazing 2013!

Remember it is NOT about resolutions to keep. It is about you resolving you to be more for you and your happiness in life. It is about you making a decision to change and transform your life day by day. It is not about rule keeping or resolutions it all starts with a simple decision to change your life for you!

We’ll look forward to hearing from you via email to register for this 42 day journey. It is FREE to the first 100 people who sign up for the daily power calls. And a very small subscription fee will be charged for the text inspirations sent to your phone by your carrier unless you have unlimited texts.

Lastly we will host three to five national Redefined Conferences in 2013 in these cities: Baltimore (for DC Metro region), Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia and Florida (TBD).

We are super excited about 2013. Join us so you can be too!

The Redefined Team

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