Ready. Set. Redefine. Restore. Inspiration Day #3 “Don’t Look Back”. . .

We are three days into our 42 day journey to getting the life we all want and deserve in 2013!

Today’s morning power-up was all about forgetting what is behind us in that rear view mirror of life, and focusing on the vast windshield in front of us. It is such a critical lesson of life that we all need to learn.  The windshield is a great metaphor for our lives. We can either look out at the vast expanse in front of us, or we can keep looking at that smaller rear view window that only shows a fraction of what is behind us, what we passed, what is gone.

Most of what determines our happiness is how we think and what we think about. The mentality of “lack” or “less than” keeps us from what we desire. Sophia shared a story this morning about how she has always wanted a BMW, and despite being a successful attorney, now author, speaker, she denied herself those things because she felt it would look bad, or others may call her a snob, say she was not humble, etc.  She has always driven a Honda all of her adult life. And her 2006 Honda was on her last leg. Sophia needed a new car. She went right back to the Honda dealership to get a 2012 clearance. But after looking at the prices, she realized she could get a BRAND NEW 2013 BMW for only $45 more a month.  (Don’t miss this). Her point was, she was stuck on the economical, reliable, trusty Honda she had come to be comfortable with, when what she desired, when what fit her lifestyle, personality was a sleek, fast, uniquely designed BMW. She decided to get the BMW, and leave the Honda behind. Her point: Sometimes we have a Honda/Toyota/Hyundai mentality and GOD has a BMW/Mercedes/Lexus one for us. If we take the risk, do the calculation, we will find what we think will cost us a lot, may only cost just a little more to get what we really want.

The reality is that if we spend all of our time looking at what is BEHIND us, instead of looking at what is AHEAD of us, we will miss what is INSIDE of us that is yet to be birthed.

It does not matter, male or female, black or white, we all are human. And we all encounter sorrows, disappointments, loss, and pain. Sadly, what usually happens is we allow those moments to define us instead of propelling us into what lies ahead. We hold on to who hurt us, why they walked away, what we lost, and what we can never get back. But I am here to tell you as living proof (a work still in progress) that if  you keep carrying what is dead; if you keep holding on to who walked away from you; if you keep looking at the pain from your childhood, that divorce, that failed business, or career move, you will never get to what God/Life has for you. Never. You have got to let it and them GO.

Today’s call recap is below. We did not record the AM call but will record the 11:30AMET/8:30AMPST call so you can play it back. The play back # for all calls is: # is 559-726-1299

1. You day #1 assignment was to write in a journal or on your PDA 5 things/goals you want to attain in 2013

2. Your day #2 assignment was to simply start practicing GRATITUDE when you wake up everyday regardless of how you may feel that day, or what is coming at you in life. Wake up and say audibly to God, the universe, I am here. I woke up. Thank you.

3. Your day #3 assignment is to write down in your journal WHO & WHAT you need to get rid of in 2012, so you can go boldly and freely into 2013. Bury that which is dead. Stop carrying. Start casting. Time to Restore what was lost and let go of what no longer suits your life force, and your gifts.


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