Ready. Set. Redefine. Restore. 2013. Recap Days 9, 10, 11 with Sophia Nelson, Redefinition Strategist

redefine-the-impossibleHappy Sunday. Here is a recap of our last three days of calls on our 42 Day Journey from our Redefinition strategist and call host, Sophia Nelson: Join us later today for a special Sunday edition of “Ready.Set. Redefine. 2013” We will start at 3:30PMET/2:30PMCST The call in is 559-726-1200 code #874081:

“Last night I had a long over due talk with my BFF.  We have both been busy and we have been missing one another.  She is a married mom of two grown sons, a small business CEO, and is very active in her church as the wife of an elder.  And you guys know my life, no explanation needed. Our conversation was a bit tense, and in fact for the first time in our relationship of many years, we have been challenged with and by one another for a variety of reasons.  We are both super busy, we both manage chronic illnesses, we are both over extended, over achievers, over givers of our time.  But at the end of the day we are committed to one another, and as we sat and read our favorite scripture 1 Corinthians 13 to help refocus us from arguing and not being so kind to one another, to one of LOVE and covering each other the conversation shifted. And we started to listen, talk, laugh, and get to what was really going on with us.  But something she said to me, about me, really hit home.  She told me that I had allowed some of the events of the past year to really affect me in a not so great way, in fact I used the word I had been “traumatized” by at least one major disruption and some other more longstanding things from my life’s journey that I am still trying to work through.   She said that I was “transferring” the hurt that had been done to me (of which she has been a first hand witness) and that she did not like who it was making me become. BOOM. STOP. OUCH.

Okay so, what do you do with that?? Well, you know how I roll. I am the girl who welcomes the correction, rebuke and challenge of my “love council” so I took it like a woman, I listened, we argued, we made up, but at the end of the day, she was right (shhh don’t tell her I said so).  I have often allowed the “residue” of someone else’s dirt, mess, brokenness or dysfunction to leave a ring around me just like in the tub, or sink after we wash the dirt off, there is a visible ring or residue left over.  The truth is I am a softee, my big bro Roland Martin tells me all the time, “You are too damned nice”! Laughs. Maybe so, but I am who I am. The challenge with that though is that being too nice, means I often let people use me, walk over me, and take me for granted. And it leaves a residue, that spills over on to others who love, honor and celebrate me.  I agree and I will work on it everyday alongside of all of you to correct my course.  She is right I am at my core a very happy, loving, fun, free woman who loves God and who wants to obey His commands. We follow God by being obedient to what he says. We are called to be “light”, to “love” and to “pursue peace” one with another. No matter what.

Don’t miss this lesson folks.

Here is what I want to say to you and then I will recap the last 3 days of our Power-Up calls:

1. Don’t allow your past to define your future

2. Don’t allow the hurt, or pain, or disappointments brought to your life by those who used you, walked away, talked badly about you or the like to keep your eyes off of those who are still with you, who will never leave you, and who love you. Don’t make them pay for what others have done wrong.

3. Be accountable for your actions, and your words. But always go back to the WORD. That is what my bestie and I did and it immediately shifted our focus, our energy and our conversation.

Love ya!


Call recaps (look at #ReadySetRedefine2013 hashtag on twitter for all recaps or go to @setgoRedefine:

#Day 9 we talked about how to Reposition Yourself based on TD Jakes Best-Selling book by the same name.  We discussed the core principles of being able to SHIFT in life with what comes, and stay ahead of life’s storms and challenges by having the courage to change, transform, and grow throughout our journey.  The assignment was to write down who or what you need to reposition in your life and why.

#Day #10 The Power of No This was a really great topic. We talked about how successful people know how to say NO. And they don’t feel bad about it. NO is am important word that draws boundaries, keeps you safe, allows you to be in control of your time, your energy, your focus.  Our culture makes people who say no feel guilty. They should not. We went through a list of positive things that happen when we say NO strategically and with respect.  It is a hallmark of successful people. The assignment was to discuss who and what you need to say NO to in your life.

#Day #11 The Good in Goodbye This was yesterday’s call and you can still get it by listening to #559-726-1299 #874081 until our all at 3:30PM. The hashtag #goodnGoodbye can be found on twitter and we basically started with the premise that we MUST learn that saying goodbye to things, people, and situations in our life can be a blessing. Goodbye is never easy, but it can also be GOOD for us. Our assignment was to write down who, what we need to say GOODbye to in 2012 so that we can have a much richer, healthier, 2013.



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