Days #13- #15 Ready Set Redefine 2013: Focus on Change & How to Offer An Effective Apology

702040_10151137550707967_21374045_nThis week’s calls have been amazing. We focused on changing our minds to change our lives and how to offer an effective apology when we are wrong. It is important that we own our mistakes in life.  Real life involves real people, who make real mistakes.  When we can offer sincere apology and change our behavior we can deepen, strengthen and honor our valued relationships in life.   Today’s call focused on 5 core principles offered by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, “The Five Languages of Apology”.  There are 5 simple steps to putting our relationships above our ego.  1. Say you are sorry/express regret 2. Accept responsibility for your misdeeds 3. Make restitution or make that person whole 4. Genuinely change or repent for the action and 5. Request forgiveness–ask for it face to face or at the least audibly on a call or skype.

You can listen to the call by dialing 559-726-1299 code 874081. Each day’s call sis available for 24 hours. More posts on this subject can be found by twitter hashtag: #ReadySetRedefine2013 and on Sophia’s Soulful Sentiments Facebook Page.


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