Ready. Set. Redefine. Restore. 2012. Days 18-20:


Last week’s power-up calls focused on SELF Awareness and personal needs that we often neglect in order to move towards the life we all want.   We talked about the difference between knowing what we want and what we need. We talked about needs be so very important to our overall wellness and happiness.

Sophia stressed these points and gave out these assignments:

1. Who Are U and what you need in life go hand in hand

2. Write down what is it that you need in your life–what’s missing–not a want but a need

3.  Take the time to find out what holes, gaps you have in your life to get closer to meeting your needs.

This week’s Power-Up Sunday Weekend Wrap starts at 2PMET with the dial in 559-726-1200 code 874081 we will be focusing on dealing with damaged emotions, and the dangerous limiting power of keeping secrets. Particularly when the secret has to do with hiding our personal pain or failings.   We are only as sick as our secrets.


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