The Journey is Just beginning: 42 Days Final Call Today with Sophia Nelson–Time to Restore in 2013

quotes-kickstart-change-tony-robbins-600x411“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.”-Tao Te Ching

God can Restore what was eaten or lost in YOUR life by time, distractions, bad decisions, wounds, death, divorce, abuse, sickness, depression, false friends, poor choices, users, haters, rogue unHoly church folk, jealous family members and envious colleagues.  He is GOD after all!

As you spend your last day of 2012, and look toward a New Year, know that God wants you to look forward with hope and expectation.  Your time of looking back is over. This is a chance for you to wipe the slate clean and leap forward. It is a time to IGNITE your life, your passion, and your purpose! The great news is unlike others who are scrambling to hastily throw together a New Year’s list–YOU have a 42 day PLAN. You made the investment. You paid the price to get YOU where YOU want to be in 2013!

No matter what your past may have been, God already has your future planned. Your best days are ahead of you! He can give you back double for all you lost.

God’s Word says that your latter days will be greater than your former days. Not only that, but God promises in the scripture that there will be peace in the days ahead.

Thank you for joining me on an amazing 42 day journey to discovering who you are, what you need, and how to get it! Our call this AM was amazing we will make the CPU link available today. Tomorrow we kick off a new series titled: Set Go Redefine! It will start the week of January 8th.

I will pen a special New Year’s day message/ebook you can download to help you start the New Year right!

God bless you. I love you guys! Happy New Year!

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