Join Sophia Nelson & Guests for a LIVE Chat Post “The Sisterhood” via TLC Worldwide Premiere 9PMET

the-sisterhood-group-2-284x212Tonight: Join Sophia and many others, including some First Ladies who will be doing a Q & A, Wrap of the season premiere of the NEW reality series “The Sisterhood” on the TLC Network which is a candid look into the Lives of First Ladies of the church in Atlanta.

We will be on Twitter on @IAmSophiaNelson  #SisterhoodSN #1stLadies. As you know Sophia  has a feature article forthcoming in Essence Magazine FEBRUARY 2013 issue which hits the stands in 2 weeks. What YOU THINK you will see as REALITY on TV is not close to the insider, up close, candid, revealing walk Essence will offer in the first ever article of its kind. Humbly penned by Sophia as a journalist and author.  Sophia states, “It was a challenge and a blessing all at once. I pray people in the black church will all read it and share it far and wide.  We need to see these women of God as the wonderful human beings they are, and all the endure for the Kingdom for better or worse.”

Let’s see if the Reality show get’s it right or simply reinforces bad stereotypes of these women.

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