Set. Go. Redefine Your Life in 2013: Ten Tips to Get Your Transformation Moving in the Right Direction

Jillian-Michaels-quoteIn 2013 you need to make changes early. All transformation starts with YOU. Not those around you.

In order to get the life you want, as we discussed on our 42 day odyssey “Ready.Set. Redefine. Restore” you must have a focused vision and life plan that you can execute daily, weekly, monthly. Here are ten things you can start working on TODAY to lay the foundations of a transformed and meaningful life based on your willingness and ability to change! You must be willing to change who in is your front row in life.  Take careful stock of who surrounds you, how they live, and speak. Your thoughts and your words are POWERFUL. Use them wisely. And make sure that those are in your life do the same.

Ten Tips for making the change you want in the New Year:

In 2013 here are 10 trusted, tested things you must put into practice if you want a better, more fulfilling life: #SetGoRedefine2013

  1. 1.  You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Let go. Cast don’t carry. Move forward#SetGoRedefine2013

2.  You must deal with YOU. What are you hiding from? Who have you not forgiven? What still haunts you, or defines you?#SetGoRedefine2013

3.  In 2013 you must use love as your anchor. We all need love. We all need touch. We all need intimacy. Be open 2 love.#SetGoRedefine2013

4.  You must change your thought life. What you think about, who you think about, determines what and who you become!#SetGoRedefine2013

5.  In 2013 you must have a vision focused plan for your life. You must SEE it, write it down and execute it day by day.#SetGoRedefine2013

6. In 2013 make a commitment 2 take care of your spirit. Bathe it, heal it, commune with it. Your spirit is your Essence.#SetGoRedefine2013

7.  In 2013 make a decision that you are worthy. That your life is a gift to mankind waiting to be unwrapped. Be a gift.#SetGoRedefine2013

8. In 2013 get some rest. In the race to be better or BEST do NOT miss the joy of BEING present. REST. RELAX. RELATE.#SetGoRedefine2013

9. In 2013 Release so that God can restore. Stop carrying the old so you can receive the NEW. This is a must DO for 2013!#SetGoRedefine2013

10. In 2013 be authentically you. Being authentic, and be honest with you, with what you need, and with what you want from life.#SetGoRedefine2013

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