NEW: February Issue of Essence Magazine Exclusive: “Confessions of Pastor’s Wives & How We Can Help” Reported by Sophia A. Nelson


Congrats to our own Sophia A. Nelson on her first cover feature story in Essence Magazine which hits stands this Friday, January 11, 2013.   Nelson spent the better part of four months researching, visiting and reporting on the lives of “first ladies” of large African American churches in the United States to weave together a compelling 2500 word essay on their challenges, triumphs, lives, and dreams.  The article is a first of its kind and features some of America’s most prominent first ladies such as:  

Serita Jakes, Taffi Dollar, Deborah Morton, Alethia Ramsey, Trina Jenkins, Dr. Tara Jenkins,  and Lady Sonya Sloan, MD.  

The article also includes  stirring interviews with former ladies:  Pastor Riva Tims, Gizelle Bryant and others.  It is a MUST read and will spark much discussion in churches and communities everywhere.  You can also subscribe to Essence digitally today.

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