4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at Essence Magazine FEB Feature on Pastor’s Wives by Sophia A. Nelson On NEWS STANDS TODAY!

  1. After reading the articleThe First Ladies Club I felt the need to comment on this article. My concern is one section of information given by Ms Cheryl Carr. She was a member at this church while her then husband was an associate minister. Never did she ever act as co- pastor at any time. No one cared about what she wore,how she did her hair, or where she lived. To be very honest many members lived in home much most expensive. I am writing a comment because her untruthful comments was directed to the church I have been a member for over 25 years. First Regular Missionary Baptist also is far from being a mega church. Thank you. Also it might be wise to check out her age, just saying.

    • Thanks for your comment Ms. Green. We got Ms. Carr’s age wrong in the editing process. We will print a correction
      and we will fact check again the facts she gave us and said were accurate in writing. Thank you for your comments.

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