Day #5 Of Restore Fast–Avoid Distractions, Stay Focused


Today you have to push through the Friday night weekend kick-off with focus!

This is the night everyone kicks back and gets a pizza, drinks a beer or has a nice glass of wine. But you are on a special mission to GET BACK all that you ever lost. All that was ever taken from you. You are going to be RESTORED in 2013. You will be made WHOLE in 2013. You will SHINE in 2013. But you must fight for it in these first 21 days. I know. I am right here with you!

Tonight and as we kick off the Inaugural weekend of our 44th President, you can have some fun snacks too, you can have some great drinks too. Just make sure they are in line with the Fast guidelines. You can be creative, make some veggie pot-stickers, have some non-alcoholic grape juice, make a veggie pizza on whole grain crust with no cheese. Enjoy your fast. Fight for your faith. Dispel distractions and move forward into your best year yet!

Love ya!


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