(NEW) These Are The Sweetest Days You’ll Know–Restore Fast 2013

enjoy-this-moment-e1356015207936“All the while, life is rushing by us Hold it now and don’t let go
These are the days
The sweetest days we’ll know

So we’ll whisper a dream here in the darkness
Watching the stars till they’re gone
And then even the memories have all faded away These days go on and on”                                                  – (Lyrics from The Sweetest Days)

I love that song by Vanessa Williams. I always have. I love it because it reminds me of someone special, and a special time in my life. I heard it on Pandora the other day as I was driving home. And it made me think about the restore fast, my year ahead, and all that is behind me.  This morning and through the weekend I want us to focus, journal and meditate on the fact that this PRESENT MOMENT is the only thing we can control in our lives.  The Present is it folks. Our lives are made up of moments. I so get that now. Our achievements, our success, our careers and our accomplishments don’t make our lives. Don’t miss this.  What makes up the beauty and wonder of our lives is the moments we get with our loved ones, our dear friends, our sister friends or our buddies.  Memories truly last a lifetime, even after we are gone, and they begin to fade, they go on and on.  So today and this weekend I want us to focus on NOW. TODAY. BEING PRESENT.

(LISTEN): To my message today via PODCAST call: 559-726-1299 code 874081 It will stay up all weekend. I want you NOT to miss the present moments that matter.  Forget what is behind, and PRESS on to what is ahead. These are the best days of your life. So live them.



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