(NEW AUDIO) Special Sunday Inspiration: You Are The Gift the World Needs to Unwrap-Make Sure You Believe it. . .

gift-of-youDid you know you are a gift to this world? Well if you didn’t know it I want to tell you today that it is true. In order for you to do the work God has put you here to do you must believe in yourself above all else. And you must be willing to see yourself  as someone with something so great, so special to offer to the rest of us that you will do anything to walk in your purpose; or walk in your gifts.

We teach people how to love us, treat us, speak to us, and deal with us.  It all starts with what we allow, what boundaries we set or do not set. It all begins with our own sense of self-value and self-worth. If you don’t honor you. If you don’t love you. I promise you no-one else will either.  Too many of us are walking around shattered because we do not feel loved and honored as human beings. We keep attracting the wrong people, the wrong circumstances, the wrong things to our lives and we can’t seem to figure out why.  Some years ago I read a book that changed my life, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes. The basic premise of the book is that we attract who and what we are. The law of attraction simply says: You bring into your life what you think about and speak about.  I agree.

If you are struggling to find your place in this world. If you have bad people around you. Negative people around you. Dream killers around you. It’s time to do a SELF-CHECK. It’s time to take a long hard look at how you feel about you and what you project to the world. Looking at self is never easy. That is why so few people ever do so. But successful people, bold people, passionate, purposeful people, know how to love themselves, and like themselves without being arrogant, without stepping on others, and without letting the storms of life tear them apart. All of your hopes and dreams, all of your gifts can only manifest when YOU love YOU!

Today begins a new week in your life. We are almost through with January. The first month of 2013 is almost behind us. Start this new year of restoration with a NEW VISION about yourself. And I promise you others will see you just the same. Make decisions about who you want around you and who you do not want around you. Make a decision about who gets access to the GIFT of YOU.  Start knowing your value. Start living your value. And watch what GOD will do in your life. Just wait and see.

LISTEN (AUDIO): 559-726-1299 code 874081  Special Recorded Message on the Gift of You & Loving You!




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