(NEW AUDIO & Inspiration) Are Your Appetites Controlling You & Eating Away Your Destiny?



You ever get really really hungry?

If so, and we all have, then you understand that “HUNGER” comes from a deep place within. It causes us to seek food–any kind of food we can get our hands on quickly to fill our belly, and to eat until we have had enough. The problem with hunger when it gets that deep, is that we inevitably will over-eat and gorge ourselves. And what follows the deep satisfaction we felt as we consumed the food, is a stomach ache, bloat, and a feeling of “why did I over-eat”?

Our focus on the final week of the Restore Fast will be on controlling our appetites. I am not just talking about food folks. I am talking about ALL of the stuff we consume on a day to day basis that we over indulge in, crave, and gorge ourselves on that literally makes us sick and keeps us from our destiny.

You know what I am talking about-so let’s talk for real:

Sex is an appetite

Food is an appetite

Alcohol is an appetite

Drugs are an appetite

Relationships with the wrong people is an appetite

Co-dependency is an appetite

Success is an appetite

Things can become a very addictive appetite

The reason that we Fast is so we can CONTROL our FLESHLY appetites.

Fasting is not dieting. It is subduing your flesh to your spirit. It is a time of consecration, reflection, and renewal. Let’s face it in this modern, fast paced, gadget focused world we are always feeding our appetites for something or someone. We are a society that loves to over-eat, over drink, over sex, over indulge.  This final week we will have a message daily via the PODCAST and we will talk about the power you can have in your life if you can subdue your appetites.

The best hunger we can fill is the hunger of our spirit life. I mean this. Too many of us indulge our hunger for the world and we neglect the hunger of our spirits.  This is a time to get your flesh under control so that you can feed and nourish your spirit. Today is Monday. It’s a new day and a new week. Let’s conquer the flesh so that we can win a victory in the spirit!

AUDIO: 559-726-1299 code 874081


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