(NEW AUDIO & POST) Special Sunday Inspiration: Are you Showing Love by How You Live?

images (17)There are many kinds of love, but the kind of love we as believers and people of faith are called to is the highest form: AGAPE Love.  Agape love is a form of selfless, sacrificial unconditional love demonstrated by the founder of our faith: Jesus Christ. It is an unconditional love that covers. It lifts. It gives. It cares. And sadly, it is a form of love that has been over taken in the body with celebrity, titles, positions, and status being our primary focus on who is worthy of our love, adoration, and time.  This is not who we are called to be.

Whether you are a Christian or not will govern much of your life and how you live it. Or at least it should. Something is wrong in the world when you cannot tell a saved woman of God, from an unsaved woman acting rowdy in the bar.  Saved people act saved. They show love. It is a way of life for us.  What we are experiencing though in this modern time is a false Christian culture that condemns the world for living “outside of Christ” when many of us in the body act far worse than those who are unsaved, or unchurched. I know of what I speak. I come from a family of preachers, ministers, deacons, “saved people”. And I can tell you I have been disappointed on many a day on the lack of “love” I see displayed in our own family. We may see each other once or twice a year if that. There is no fellowship, no connection, no care, or warmth. Being together and celebrating birthdays, holidays and the like are seen as chores and things to be checked off more than priceless time to spend.  You see it everywhere. People are so disconnected. But for those of us who profess to be part of the “body” of the “church” we are called to be the “salt & light” of the world. We are called to be Ambassadors. We are called to walk and live in such a way that men stop us on the street and say, “who are you? And how can you live this way? Better yet I want what you have. Who is this Jesus you follow?”

I am preaching to myself today as much to those of us who wear the name: Christian or Christ Like. We have got to do better. We have got to be a more loving, kind, forgiving, grace filled people. All of the distractions we have now in the form of music, praise teams, celebrity pastors, famous choir directors, lavish sanctuaries, have taken our eyes and our souls off of what matters most: Serving God and worshiping Him by the way we live OUTSIDE of church.  It matters how we treat and entreat one another outside of church, at work, in relationships, in friendships, in marriage, and in families.  It matters. Saved people lived saved lives. Not perfect lives; but we live obedient lives.  We have gotten caught up in quoting scriptures versus living scripture. And it is doing grave damage to people, their walk, their faith and their service to God. It’s time for the body to step up and start getting back to the basic premise of our founder: LOVE. LOVE Conquers all, endures all, forgives all, wins all. (See 1 Corinthians chapter 13).

Love never fails!

So today, show somebody some kindness. Show some compassion. Draw somebody closer with love versus pushing them away with lamentation. Win people over with love, not with judgment, condemnation or words that break the soul and wound the heart forever. How we speak as Christians matters, how we text, what we email, what we write it all matters. God is watching and He is judging. The same way we give out love or the lack thereof it will be returned to us. Remember that the next time you open your mouth and point a finger, when you yourself are guilty. We are all guilty. That is why we need a risen Savior. A Saved person is known by their works, and deeds.  If I have not love, the word says: I have NO-THING. (1 Corinthians 13).

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Love you.


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