(NEW Audio & POST) How to Get Through What You Are Going Through. . .


We live in interesting times. We are so smart, so educated, so tech savvy, so sophisticated, and so evolved (we think) that we believe we can actually BYPASS the “process”. What do I mean by process?

Process is something we all have to face. And if we face it head on, summon the courage to walk through it, and dare to get on the other side of “it” (whatever it is) then we will find ourselves in a place of “wholeness” that we never imagined. What are you going through today? What has you worried, what has you afraid, what has you guilty, what has you lonely, what has you depressed, broken, and shattered? Whatever it is you have to love YOU enough to go through the process of grieving. And there is a process. If you try to bypass the process and BURY that which is still very much ALIVE in your heart and soul, you will find yourself in a world of hurt. You may think that you can wall it off, abandon yourself (Kim Bady quote), and lock it down; but friend TRUST ME on this, you cannot. It will come back to bite you. It will come up again and again in your relationships, your friendships, your business, and in your spirit. If you don’t take the time to actually GET THROUGH the process of pain, loss, adversity, hurt, and “mess” in this life it will take hold of you and it will destroy you.

Today’s message 559-726-1299 code 874081 is one I hope will bless you because I see so many people I know and love who are BROKEN to a degree that they may never recover. And it is so tragic. They have great gifts, they are good people, but they made a decision somewhere along the way to STOP and BURY their hurts. They made a decision to not FACE “IT” so that they could “FIX” It. They made a decision that denial was better than “dealing” with “IT”. And the sad fact is that these kinds of people are the walking dead. They are dead. They have let love leave them. Oh, they look great on the outside. But inside lies a dormant small wounded child who never got loved right, or held right or encouraged right. They let the wounds of their past, define their future.  We know these people. Some of us are these people.

Today, I am asking you to be accountable for you and your process. You have got to get through (e.g., deal with stuff, deal with your mess) in order to go through the process successfully! I know of what I speak. And I made myself a promise long ago, no matter WHAT, or WHO may hurt me, deny me, injure me, betray me, mislabel me, misdefine me, attack me, character assassinate me, or whatever I am NEVER going to stop being Sophia. I have my issues, but I have had the courage to deal with them. I want to be a teacher, who has first learned the lessons of my life well. We have too many broken wounded teachers and leaders among us.  They are faking. They are paralyzed. They want to be healed, but they have neither the courage or conviction to PURSUE that healing.

Here are some steps you can take to get through what you are going through.

1. Own your story. Be accountable for your life. Do not let your parents, your siblings, your spouse, kids, neighbors, church, colleagues, or friends define you. You are in charge of you and your journey. Own it.

2. Face things as they come. Don’t run from the process. No, instead revere the process. Own it. Embrace it. Going through hell is how we ultimately get to Heaven. Loss is how we appreciate winning. Don’t push stuff down, face it, so that you can fix it.

3. Have good faithful friends, and loved ones who are truly in your life. Who are truly committed to your success. Know who is in your front row. Honor these people. Love them. Care for them. Celebrate them as they do you. These people are the anchor of your life. They keep your boat setting sail, they keep your ship from sinking!

One thought on “(NEW Audio & POST) How to Get Through What You Are Going Through. . .

  1. Sophia, Once again thank you for your incredible work and commitment to a better life & world for everyone. You are so right on in your blog. Yes too many teachers, coaches, pastors, mentors, psychologists are
    not healed and I will repeat what Joyce Meyer said as Leaders when we are not healed we contaminate those we teach to. For 23 years I have been a Coach, Mentor Crisis Manager Seminar Leader , and I have been in a process of healing, learning in my own life first, transform my life, heal my life, before I can affect, touch and make a difference in the lives of people. Theory is good for Professors they teach what they learnt but when it comes to spiritual work, transformational work, self-development , you must walk the talk and have gone through the process. It has been 8 years I became a Christian and are transforming my life with Scriptures. What it is doing for me it’s going deeper, bringing me to a whole other level. Yes I have more power more life power but I cannot lie, it is the hardest work I have ever done. Just between you and me if I would of known I would of never started. But, now that I look back , Thank You Jesus. He died to give me life, John 10:10 but you must go through the process to be born-again.
    Once again thank you for what you do. There aren’t many women with whom I agree , for the most there is a lack of integrity. Practice what you preach. God Bless and please continue your good work
    Linda Gadoury

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