(NEW AUDIO & POST) The Power of Expectation can Transform Your Life

555843_10200880162913301_150376138_n“What you think about, you bring about.”

The word expectation has been given a bad rap in our modern culture. That is unfortunate because expectation is the power of life. It is how we bring forth the desires of our life, it is how we set the bar for ourselves. Expectation is the fuel that propels us forward. It is how we take what is in our soul landscape and live it out in front of the world.

Did you know that having POSITIVE expectations for your life, and yes, for others actually has a positive physical effect on our Brain Cortex? It is true scientists and psychologists have discovered that when we think positive thoughts, have a set of positive beliefs (i.e., expectations for our lives) the brain bathes itself in these emotional transmissions of energy and reverberates them back throughout our bodies. The brain literally responds to our positive thoughts and goals for our lives. Which in turn makes us healthier, happier people. Don’t miss this!

What I want you to know about having expectations for your life is the following:

1. Expectations are nothing more than a set of core beliefs. To expect something is to believe it can and will happen.

2. Expectations of others, when done in a healthy way, with positive communication, can actually change a young person’s life trajectory. It is called being a parent; a mentor, a big brother/big sister, a friend.

3. Shift your thinking about what it means to have expectations for yourself and others. Expecting things to happen for good in your life is a GREAT Thing.

Check out today’s PODCAST: 559-726-1299 code 874081

Love ya!


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