(Special V-Day Audio & Message) The Love Dare: You Are Worth the Wait. . .


Love? What is love anyway?

Love is so much more than a word–it is so much more than a noun–it is so much more than a feeling, or emotion.  Love is a way of life.  It is a way of being. It is a way of acting, showing, and caring for others.  Today is Valentine’s day and we are inundated with roses, chocolates, hearts, candies, Hallmark cards, Victoria Secret teddies, and more.  But, what I want all of us to remember, particularly the single people who may be feeling left out, isolated or alone today is that LOVE is WHO you are. It is not a day we set aside to give cards and gifts. Love is a WAY of life. Love is not passive, it is active, it is tenacious, it is giving.

Today, don’t get caught up in the hype. Valentine’s Day is Nice, but it is just another day. You have to be a love magnet. You have to carry love in your spirit. You have to carry it in your soul.  As Tony Robbins likes to say, “Love is oxygen to the soul.” So true. We attract love, when we first give love. We engulf love, when we share love. We get love, when we practice love. Love is everything about why we were created and why we exist. We are not here for things. We are here for love.

To the single ladies out there and the single gents of any age who may feel lonely or isolated today–DON’T! You are loved. Somebody loves you. You are worthy. You are worth the wait as my sis Dr. Lindsay Marsh Warren says. You are not someone’s jump off tonight. You are not a Friend with Benefits. You are not to a DTF to be used and discarded to trade your value and worth for some flowers and chocolates. You are special. You are a gift. But YOU must know and accept that most of all.

Take the LOVE DARE with yourself. Challenge yourself to live and practice love in your life everyday. It will bring you great joy, as it will others around you. Life is too short to wait around for chocolates and valentines. Life is about living, loving and laughing while you can. Have a great day!

Love ya!


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