(NEW) Special Mother’s Day Post: 10 Powerful Life Tools I Learned from My Mother

PhotoFunia-108bb4a PhotoFunia-108b916In honor of Mother’s Day 2013, I wanted to pen a few words in honor of the woman who is truly the wind beneath my wings: Sandria Ann Nelson (aka Mommy).  I had a chance to take mom on the road with me this past weekend to one of my Ready.Set.Redefine. 2013. Tour stops. We spent the past few days in Houston, Texas as a guest of my sorority sister Dr. Sonya Sloan, MD and her organization “Motivating and Empowering Women” (ME&WE, Inc.). We had a really great time together, and meeting other mothers, daughters, sisters, sorors, and friends. I was thinking this morning how RICH and blessed I am to have my mom with me still, when so many of my peers do not.  I think on that often and as such I spend every moment, and every occasion I can to honor, celebrate and love on her to the fullest.

As I reflect on the woman who has poured into my life for four decades I wanted to share with the world some life tools I learned from her along the way.  This is my simple way of saying thank you mom for all you do:

  1. Mom modeled and taught me everyday of my life what it means to be humble. She is a RN. They are GOD’s special creation to this earth. Nurses care for others, and are the most selfless of servants. They care for the sick. They nurture the weak. They put others well being above their own. They are humble servants to humanity.
  2. Mom modeled being grateful. She came from very humble, very painful beginnings as a child. Yet she is always thankful. She is always grateful. I have never seen or heard her speak a bitter, ungrateful word in my life.
  3. Mom is kind. This I got from her genetically. Unlike her, however, I sometimes wish I did not have the gift of kindness because some will take it for weakness. Mom is kind no matter what. I watch her do it everyday of my life. She keeps me on that path with her even when I don’t want to be.  Kindness is something she truly offers abundance.
  4. Mom is resilient. She has been to hell and back as a child, and in her marriage to my father (they divorced when I was in college) but she is always singing, smiling, laughing, and loving. It astounds me. She is the walking definition of letting things bounce off of her and she keeps living life forward.
  5. Mom is patient. I fail at this virtue routinely, but I am working on it. She is patient. Nurses have to be. She models patience and I see how it helps her to get through life in tact, at peace, and with joy.
  6. Mom  models her faith in God. She does not just talk it she walks it by how she lives her life in front of her kids and grandkids. She is virtuous, kind, loving, peaceful, grateful, devoted, and she helps others everyday because of the light she radiates within her.
  7. Mom is gracious. She is never loud. She is never rude. She is never puffed up. She is quiet strength in motion. She does not push. She is grace in motion.
  8. Mom is Hard working. She worked 80 hours a week to put me and my brother through college and grad schools. She was determined for us to be better, to have better, to do better.
  9. Mom is honest. Lying was not tolerated in my house. It is not tolerated in my life. Mom is honest to a fault, as am I. Honesty though is a two edged sword that must be wielded carefully and with compassion.
  10. Lastly, mom is love. She models, gives, shares, embraces, and shows it to all she knows. I got this trait from her as well. I do the LOVE thing pretty well. Of all the things I got from her; the ability to love again and again is one of my strengths no matter how bad the hurts, the storms, the losses. Mom taught me how to love. She would read scripture to me as a child–to this day the verses from 1 Corinthians 13 hang on the walls of my home: Love is patient, it is kind, it does not seek its own way. . .” I love the way she loves us as her kids. She was tough at times, in that she demanded excellence from me, but she always was there with lots of LOVE.

Thanks mom for being you. And thanks for the blessing of having had the privilege to call you my “MOM” all the days of my life.

Love you with all my being!!

Sophia Angeli

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