(NEW) Don’t Let the Wrong People Make you Miss the Right Ones. . .

8-let-go-move-on“Don’t let the wrong people from your past block you from the right people in your present. Far too often we focus on the people who hurt, betrayed or walked away from us. And in doing so we miss the Angels God sends our way to bless us. When the right people show up in your life. Believe them. Don’t push them away. They have come to restore what others stole away.” #StuffILearned

As I was hard at work on my next book, “The Woman Code” today there was a knock at my front door. I needed a break anyway, so I willingly jumped up to answer.  Much to my surprise it was the Postman with a special box marked “Happy birthday”. Although the package arrived days after my birthday this past Sunday, I couldn’t wait to open it because I knew who it was from.

One of my sorority sisters and dearest sister friends is still away on a holiday vacation, but she sent me a text to tell me that a special package would be arriving for my birthday. I was humbled by the fact that she remembered to send me a gift, something totally unexpected and unnecessary (having her in my life is gift enough), but appreciated greatly nonetheless. The fact that she thought enough of me on her holiday to go to the trouble of finding the perfect gift, of having it gift wrapped so elegantly and sent to me, is appreciated more than I can say.  You see one of my love languages is gifts and handwritten notes. As we age, I think it becomes more important to us that the people in our lives truly know us, and get us more than just spending empty time with us.  I think we all want people around us who truly understand us and grasp how we love. We yearn for reciprocity and connection. All of us wants to feel valued, loved, and appreciated for the love that we freely give to others. Yes, we want to be loved in return.

As I opened the package, I called her on the phone and she was driving in the car with her husband.  I wanted to let her know that the package had arrived and that I was thrilled with the contents and the special message that accompanied the card. I had been telling my friend that in 2014 my life needed to be different.  That I had filled so many of the years gone by with taking care of and looking out for others. By giving too much of me to others and frankly neglecting myself.  I told her that in all my fortysomething years I haven’t even seen much of the world and that this needed to change. She was listening not just to what I said, but to the sentiment behind what was left unspoken. She understood that 2013 was one of the most difficult years of my life. She understood because she was there, she had a front row seat to some of the greatest disappointments, betrayals, and losses anyone could experience. I am not sure I would have made it without her, and a precious few others who really kept me lifted.

But here’s the point of my message: my friend is one of those angels that God sends to our lives when others that we depended on or trusted to be there when we needed them, for whatever their reasons, were unable to do so. The funny thing about angels, is that when they come into our lives we often fail to recognize them. We are usually so busy looking at the people who walked away, who hurt us, or who broke our hearts that we get stuck. We get stuck in the muck and the mire of what went wrong, and how could someone we love hurt us so deeply.  In doing so, we forget to stay open, we forget to love, we forget that there are still good people out there just like us who want to love, who want to care, who want to give, and who will be there through the storms and difficult seasons of our lives.

What I want you to recognize today, whoever you are, or wherever you are in your journey; is that there are still good people out there who will love you, who will treat you kindly, who will bless you, and who will be there for you. One of the greatest keys to success in this thing called life, is to release those things and those people which have brought negativity or pain to our lives, and have the courage to remain open to those people and things which can still bring great blessing to our lives. My sister Stacey Speller is that person for me. She is one of many angels in my life who I know God sent to help me to heal, to be restored, and to walk in the majesty and miracle of His purpose for my life. It is nice to have people in my life and my circle who love as I do, give as I do, and who share my CODE. There is a code. And it matters. How we finish this life, will depend in large part on how we live, love and treat other people along the way.

Bottom line: when the right people show up in your life, believe them. Don’t push them away. Don’t make them pay for the pain someone else left in your life. They are not responsible for the baggage you still carry and still refuse to unpack.  They are precious gifts to our very being and existence. They have come to restore what others wrongly stole away.

Love you!

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