(NEW) Don’t get Distracted: Distractions Disrupt your Destiny.

distractions“The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks.” ~African Proverb

It’s early in the New Year and most people have already forgotten or forsaken their RESOLUTIONS.  It’s so easy to do when life is so full of distractions.  This morning I want to challenge you as I challenge myself to STOP being distracted by things, or people that are not moving you in the direction of your dreams.

In the spiritual context, let me put it another way: The “enemy” comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). He comes in the form of bad bosses, broken promises, unrealized dreams, unruly children, unfaithful spouses, illness, financial stress, tax problems, failed businesses, people who walk away, disloyal friends, betrayals, lies, gossip, and more.  DISTRACTIONS are meant to take us away from who we are purposed to be. DISTRACTIONS may seem important at the time they are happening, but the reality is they come to take your eyes off of the very thing we should be focused on.  You have to wage WAR against distractions, or they can literally rob you of your destiny.

Here are a few things I am actively working on to keep me focused on what is important in my 2014, versus what and who is not.  Consider these strategies in your #2014SetGo journals and try to put them into practice each time you notice that someone or something is pulling you in the wrong direction.  Let me share a true story of distraction that happened just last Saturday.

On January 4th, the day before my birthday, a young woman who used to work with me on Ready.Set.Redefine. 2013. Tour, who I released last spring for all kinds of well documented professional breaches, apparently had created a GoDaddy account in my main account using her credit card information. Since I do not manage my domains, my web guy Chris does, I had no clue.  Ironically, I purchased 5 domains a few days before that and Godaddy mistakenly charged them to her account instead of to my AMX on file.  Long story short, this woman contacts me via my private text, starts hurling attacks and accusations, doesn’t ask me if I know about this, doesn’t sign her name, tells me I have been reported for fraud, and that my account is suspended. All untruths. But it is what it is.

My response was NOT kind, or peaceful. I was pissed. I mean mad. I contacted Godaddy, they corrected the error immediately, removed her from my account, blocked her, and apologized to me. I had to have her blocked from my mobile phone as well, reported her to Verizon for harassing texts, and then involve my attorney to warn her to stop contacting me, as we had done last year.  It took hours of my time on a day that had started really well, and where I needed to be focused on writing my book.

I stayed mad about this thing for hours, in the midst of writing my book. Two of my closest friends had to then spend hours on the phone calming me down, and lamenting with me (they both know the person, her character and the situation well).  In hindsight, this woman was and is a NON-FACTOR (I will not use the Evelyn Lozado version of that phrase, but I agree with the sentiments) in my life. She is a small dog barking, desperate for attention, angry because she is forever banned from my amazing circle and network of influence.  We do not share the same CODE. I dislike very few people.  It’s against my nature. But I dislike this woman enormously, and her cohorts.  They break the woman code in everyway that matters: They lie, they connive, they disrupt, they slander other women’s good names, they plot, they are treacherous, they are disrespectful, and they are mean girls of the first order.

Not everyone can be mentored or sponsored. I had to learn that truth hard way. But here is my point: I allowed this insignificant, and small minded person to DISRUPT my entire day (and truth be told I am still upset about it) with her DISTRACTION. Do Not Miss This.  So here are a few things you (and I) should do to keep our lives from unwanted distractions.

1. When you are focused. Be focused. Anything that does not align with or get you to your focused goal or mission is a distraction. Get rid of it quickly.

2. People from your past who have hurt you or caused you pain, will always try to keep coming back to upset you or damage you. It is their mission. It is their job as haters, or as people who now realize they missed the gift of you and that they have been blocked from your space. This makes them angry. Misery loves company so they try to come at you, and make you react to them. Don’t do it. They are not worth it. You let them go. Stay focused. They are a small barking dog you should ignore.

3. You have to make a decision. If you have a goal, a mission, a desire. Focus intently on that thing. You must guard a special place for your stuff. A place that no-one can interrupt, defame, destroy, or disrupt. You have the power to decide who gets access to you and who does not. period. I made a decision to rid myself of this person and her ilk last year. I cannot help that she contacted me inappropriately, but I can control how I respond and deal with her. I allowed my emotions of how much I dislike her character to take me out of mine. The distraction was successful until I got myself back on FOCUS and protected myself from further contact.

Do yourself a favor: Do NOT allow DISTRACTIONS to DISRUPT your DESTINY.

Love you,


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