(NEW) Sunday Sentiment: Are You Taking Care of You?


There is a big difference between self-care and self comfort. You cannot take care of others, if you are not taking care of yourself. We’ve all been on an airplane and heard the flight attendant tell us that if the plane begins to experience turbulence or if it suddenly loses pressure, that we are to put on our own oxygen mask first before tending to children or elderly people around us. The same is true of life. You must take care of you first.

One of the great things about writing a book, is that it truly opens up the pathways of your heart and your mind. It causes you to come out of yourself and create and write and share those things that are deepest and most pressing on your mind. As I have been diligently at work for months working on my second book, The Woman Code, I’ve been thinking a lot about self-care. When we are young, we have no true concept of life, of living, or of death. But as we age, we begin to think about the time that we have left, about the quality of our lives, about the people that we spend our time with about the dreams that we still have left to pursue, and about the legacy that we want to leave to our families, and to our friends in the world around us.

Today is Sunday, it’s a day of rest, a day of worship, a day of fellowship, and a day to focus our minds and our spirits on the week that is to come ahead. I want to challenge you as I have been challenging myself for the last several months, to start taking better care of You. I want you to be intentional, about yourself.

Some of you out there right now, are in a very dark place. You are walking through some difficult valleys. You have been passing between the mountain tops for far too long looking up to the sky and asking God, When O’ Lord will I get up out of this low valley and from underneath this depression, this pain, of this grief? You’re wondering why you always feel so tired, so drained, or why your thoughts are never quiet, why you always seem to start things that you are never be able to finish. Why everyone and everything around you seems to be moving in a positive direction while you remain stuck.

I’ll tell you what the answer is to your questions if you dare have the courage to hear them. The answer to your biggest question, to your main aching nagging question is this: you have not taken very good care of you. You have given away too much of your self. You have forgotten what it means to put your own oxygen mask on first, before tending to the needs and the wants of everyone around you. It is time for that to change!

Today, as you start this new week ahead just 12 days into the new year 2014, make a decision for you. Make a decision that you matter above anyone and every thing else in your life. Make a decision that it’s never too late to have the life that you want. Make a decision that you will take concrete steps every day to create the life, and the love, and the friendship, and the joy, and the peace that you desire. It all starts with a decision. It all starts with you realizing that you are valuable. You are not a dumping ground for everyone’s problems. You are not the fixer of all the broken things from your past. Some things cannot be fixed. They can only be released.

We come into this world, free. Free from regret, from pain, from guilt, from rejection, from stress, hurt, and from oppression. Make a decision, no matter what has happened in your life, no matter how bad it’s been, no matter how bad they hurt you, no matter how unfair it was or is, make a decision that in 2014; You will get free.

All freedom starts from within. Are you taking care of yourself? If not, it’s time for you to start.

Love, Sophia

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