(NEW) The Shriver Report & The State of Our Union: 1 in 3 American Women Live in Poverty

maria_2014As we consider the state of our union tonight as Americans, I want to encourage you to download the Shriver Report. I have long been a fan of the Kennedy family, and my favorite Kennedy has always been RFK. His niece Maria, daughter of the great Eunice Shriver (founder of the Special Olympics) and her father Sargeant Shriver (1st President of the US Peace Corps.), I believe is RFK in female form. Let me explain.

RFK, was an advocate of the poor. He understood that no nation could long stand great if poverty was its legacy. Poverty is at a 50 year high in America. The Shriver report highlights the underbelly of this tragedy. The tragedy is women being on the brink, with all we have and all we have accomplished. Maria Shriver is best known for running the California Women’s Conference, being 1st Lady of the State of California, and of course as a news reporter and journalist. But, I believe her greatest achievement to date (after being a great mom to her kids) is this newest Shriver Report. This report is groundbreaking and sobering all at once.

American women make up over 50% of the US workforce. In over 40% of household we are the prime breadwinners. This number is even greater for women of color. Yet, we are still most likely as women to end up in poverty even after many have served our country, run our households, cared for our families, been corporate managers, teachers, and the like. America we can and must do better.

On the eve of President Obama’s State of the Union address, I want to give my whole hearted support to Maria’s efforts, and her heart. There is a Code among women. Or at least there should be. We are born to be nurturers, caretakers, sisters, and friends. Yet, those soft skills have not served us as well as we would like in industry, in the workforce, and in corporate America. Sisters all it is time to take our place as CEOS, Presidents, Business Owners, Creators, and Leaders in a way that truly SHIFTS our destiny as women. It’s time to take care of one another with out dollars and our wealth. My fellow women, we are all sisters. Let’s give Maria Shriver our support, not just with our lips, but with our dollars, by mentoring, lifting, sponsoring, and caring for one another with our hearts.

Sophia A. Nelson, Esq.

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