(NEW) Go Red For Women: Sophia Gives Mind, Body, Soul Workshop Presentation at Alpha Kappa Alpha “Pink Goes Red” event on Feb 7th. Hosted by Psi Rho Omega Chapter.

February is month all about the heart. We honor “Go Red for Women” so that we can better fight heart disease. We celebrate Valentine’s Day which is all about love and romance. Yet we know that our hearts hold more meaning than just the vital organ that pumps our blood throughout our bodies each day. Our hearts as King Solomon writes in Proverbs 4:23 is a “well spring of life.” We are to guard our hearts. We are to protect our hearts. This past Friday, Author Sophia Nelson gave an intense workshop to women in Loudoun, Co., Virginia about the internal heart. The heart that resides next to our souls. She challenged women to take care of their emotional hearts as much as their physical one.  It was a great session. #GoRedForWomen

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