[NEW] Sophia Headlines Historic Madame CJ Walker Luncheon in Philadelphia, PA Saturday, March 1st, 2014.

photoSophia headlines the annual Madame CJ Walker luncheon in Philadelphia this weekend. The event is hosted by the nation’s largest chapter of NCBW in the nation. The event is sold out with over 600 guests and dignitaries. Nelson will be honored and is expected to deliver a timely and rousing keynote address on the “state of black women” and how they “Get out of their own way”.  Nelson, of course is the author of the award winning, best-selling book, “Black Woman Redefined”. Now in its 3rd year of print and publication.

Here is an audio of Sophia’s interview with WDAS Patty Jackson about the event and what women can expect:

The event is now CLOSED because it is SOLD OUT.  Media & other publications must go through the host to secure an interview with Ms. Nelson. A Book signing with Barnes & Noble onsite will follow her remarks onsite at the Lowe’s hotel in downtown Philadelphia, PA.

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