One thought on “[News Alert] Revell Books Unveils Book Cover for Sophia Nelsons’ Highly Anticipated 2nd Book: “The Woman Code”, due in Stores World-wide October 2014.

  1. Hello Songbird Sophia,
    Please do not allow yourself to think I exited your life or stopping want to exchange comments with you. You are an amazing person and have helped so many people. I especially appreciate reading your first book and interacting with you on C-SPAN the first day of Black History Month 2014.

    I do not crowd people and appreciate how much we share about the “Winters” in our lives. I myself am going through this phase. Writing has always been a passion that helps me through difficult times. Sharing my passion for life has had others in my global travel asking me to write a book or two. My professional skills have helped engineer changes in military defense systems worldwide.
    Letting you move on with your exciting future is a responsibility you deserve without any undue influence from me adding my comments to your posts. Your responses have all been very positive and encouraging.

    You are in great place and many of never understand how to get there. I believe it starts with four phases which are: Recycle, Recovery, Regenerate, and Renew.
    Please allow me to share my explanations of them.

    Recycle: We all keep spinning our wheels in relationships, jobs, and expectations which do not work for us. It is a sort of fool’s gold. It will eventually kill us. A workaholic, drug abuser, serial repeater of any vice fits into this category. We return to dust (die) usually sooner than others expected or expected citing a pity we wasted our time on earth in recycles.

    Recovery: This is the second phase of moving forward and not the first. Recognition of the recycle phase allows completion of life’s laundry time. We all have to do laundry sooner or later and if some else is doing our laundry we miss lots of things we should know about ourselves.

    Regenerate: We have to get stronger in relationships of love, work, community, and self fulfillment. We have to be excellent stewards of our time and others. Getting stronger is not a weakness and sometimes in weakness we show others our greatest character. We are human and need compassion and love.

    Renew: You (SAN) are there today and forever in your daily interactions. We understand why scripture says the little child will lead them. “Renew Yourself In The Spirit,” so we best learn how all the other phases work best for us. They will return and we have to know how to move through each one. These are the seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – of our short time on earth before eventually completing the purpose we are born to fulfill.

    Please know how much you have helped me. I do not want to take away your glory or blessings. Please allow me time to focus on my health (Military Wounded Warrior), and know my exit is not sudden. I have achieved financial security and now the work really begins to be of value in my daily life.

    You have helped me “Find A Better Gateway.” I will always treasure the great quality of your work. Remember, “It is not about me, It is not about you, It is about the other who need help.”

    Stay in Touch as your schedule allows.

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