[NEW] Sophia Nelson Wins Alpha Kappa Alpha Journalism Award at 61st Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Raleigh, NC

imagesCA7OJ6XNNelson, an award winning author, columnist and Freelance journalist for various outlets won the prestigious Bernardine Stoneham Smith Bailey Award this past week at the 61st Regional MAR Conference of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

The award is given annually by Member Blanche Hope Smith from Upsilon Omega Chapter in honor of her sister, Bernardine Bailey, who is a life member and Golden Member of Alpha Zeta Omega Chapter. Bailey, an advisor of her school newspaper, received the Gold Key on March 14, 1959. She also received the Golden Crown on March 13, 1975, from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for outstanding devotion and service to the cause of the school press. The award was given for the first time in 1995. Sophia Nelson is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and is active as a charter member of Psi Rho Omega Chapter in Virginia.

Nelson is the 19th award recipient of the journalism award.  She won the award for her feature story in Essence Magazine, February 2013, chronicling the inside lives of “First Ladies” of the Black Church.

4 thoughts on “[NEW] Sophia Nelson Wins Alpha Kappa Alpha Journalism Award at 61st Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Raleigh, NC

  1. Good Morning Ms. Nelson,
    Recognizing your hiatus several weeks ago from sharing your talents is so creative and inspiring. Thank you for showing us the importance of guarding your time. You took an exit for yourself. Many of us never understand the importance of scheduling “me” time. #Woman Code 2014

    God designed us with two physical eyes as part of his creation strategy. Other spiritual Gods have never seemed to disagree with our bodies having the design of two eyes. I want to expand a little on of the concept of the “eyes” that are physically in our bodies. We use them to shape our view of ourselves, others, and how we are remembered by society in one of your last posting on relationships. #ExitStrategies

    Has anyone ever realized we are shaped by possibly four eyes? Yes, it is my humble opinion. Here are my reasons why. I will start with the fourth “eye” and work back to the first one.

    We leave this world at some point in time. Today means the ending of time for some we may have known and others we don’t. We honor and celebrate the sunset of an individual’s departure from life through many different ways. Their memory serves as a form of “I” lived. As a Christian I acknowledge “Christ” rising again this Easter Sunday.

    We name buildings, airports, currency, laws, etc., as ways to honor individuals. Most of us never are honored in significant ways. The only eye that is known about us is carried in the hearts, minds, lives, and spirits of those who carry on within themselves our memories because we lived. They are truly the “eye” of our life. Their life goes on and they continue to live it for us. My mother and father are examples of this for me. It shapes my eyes daily on how I live my life. My mother I knew passionately and my father was a man who gave life to me.

    Now with the final eye being explained I will go back to the first “eye.” We enter a strange world we have heard inside of the womb. Now we see the world and the world sees us. A new baby has little limited awareness of themselves. They only fear falling and loud noises according to some studies. Everything else is learned behavior.

    We are shaped by our parent(s) and the individual(s) they allow to have contact with us. They all look at us differently and focus almost all first contact with us on our eyes. They see all the perfect parts of us. Our parents playfully make us laugh sometimes blowing air bubbles on our tummies. Parents imagine all the wonderful things we are going to do in this world as we shape their world. They “eye” our future for us.

    At some point we come to a realization of ourselves. I view this as our second “eye.” We start expressing to our parents who we are by our actions. Sometimes we do what they want honoring their request. However, we are constantly reminding ourselves we are not who they think we are. These are often adolescent moments in our lives. This is usually where we try to break the parental bond. It continues into adulthood and is a significant part of all future relationships.

    The third “eye” is lifetime relationships. This is where we put on many looks for different places and faces. We all have been there or will soon get there; in time. This is the most difficult “eye” to live requiring great strengths of character, courage, and commitment. Most of the turmoil in our lives probably occurs in this phase of our short lifespan in the world of time. We may constantly be explaining to others something along the line of “I am not like that.” But it often does not matter to the hearer or receiver of those words to include “ourselves.” Your actions tell.

    This is probably why renewing yourself daily is so important. This requires time alone for reflections and resilience. It is a tough world we live in. All is neither fair nor equal. We should have no expectations. Christ would have saved himself if life on this earth was so simple.

    Whoever we worship as our spiritual adviser and gather strength from daily should be part of our “eye.” Their guiding principle of knowing “I” matter should help us observe how to daily “eye” the world and our relationships.

    The grass is greener where you walk each day!
    Thank you for allowing me to share this moment of time. I say a little prayer for you!

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