[NEW] “The Woman Code” to be available as an Audio Book. Rights Acquired by Brilliance Audio.

270426_Nelson_Small_WhiteSubsidiary Rights to “The Woman Code: 20 Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Life.” has been acquired by Brilliance Audio, a national leader in independent audiobook publishing.

“We are very humbled by the type of reception this book is getting,” said Author Sophia Nelson. She continued, “I knew when I first started thinking about the Woman Code as a concept in 2012, that if I got the right publisher, the right editors, the right team, and of course produced the right manuscript as an author that this book would be a great success. It has not even hit the stores yet and we are booked for media tours late summer as far away as Winnipeg, Canada. I am humbled and give thanks to God for his great blessings on this message that is deeply in my spirit for a new generation of women leaders.”

About Brilliance:

Brilliance Audio is committed to the art of audiobook publishing–turning printed books into listening entertainment that reaches a high level of quality and integrity. Brilliance Audio was founded in 1984 with a mission to provide a quality listening experience by recording bestselling books and selling them into retail stores at an affordable price. This was way before audiobooks were even called audiobooks. Most everyone just said, ‘books on tape’ and found them only at libraries. Since then, Brilliance Audio has kept pace with the growth of the audiobook industry itself, from publishing an inaugural eight titles in 1985 to over 2,000 titles in 2012.

The active publishing list of Brilliance Audio tops 6500 titles. The broad selection of titles and authors covers most genres found in publishing today, including the full fiction spectrum from romance to thrillers to science fiction/fantasy, classic literature and titles with a young adult/children’s focus plus many nonfiction subgenres ranging from inspiration and self-help to business advice, from memoirs and biographies to neuroscience and religion. Brilliance Audio has initiatives to publish audiobooks from the New York Times Bestselling Lists as well as unique pieces of literature that are stellar but may not have mainstream appeal.

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