[New Sunday Sentiment] You Must Rest & Set Boundaries

restTake rest a field that has rested takes a bountiful crop. Ovid

You and I must rest. Period. We are all tired. Weary. Burned out. Over connected. And when you move too fast, all the time; you get sloppy about protecting yourself. About honoring your boundaries and about connecting with your deepest voice inside.

Today is the Lord’s day. It is a day of worship and rest. Whether you are a believer in God or not, you can still appreciate that Sunday is a special day. We don’t work. We eat good food. We spend time with family and friends. We rest. So rest. Turn off the devices. Turn off the gadgets. Turn off the noise. Lay down. Put some music on and rest. Rest. Rest.

The next thing you and I need to do is evaluate how the people in our lives are treating us. How are we teaching people to treat us? It matters. Because you are in charge of you. Not them. You need to set some firm boundaries. Walls can be healthy when we use them to keep OUT of our lives those people and things that are bad for us. And there are bad people. There are bad things. Use today to REST, RESTORE and RECONNECT with yourself. It’s Sunday. It is a day of REST and REFLECTION to all who would embrace her meaning.

Love you!


One thought on “[New Sunday Sentiment] You Must Rest & Set Boundaries

  1. Love your insight. These comments are so true. I just relayed this to my husband. Answering work phone on Sun that could wait until Monday. Why frustrate yourself today when there is nothing you can fix today. Teach people how to treat you. Set boundaries.

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