[NEW] It’s Time to Finish Strong: Don’t Look Back. It’s Time to Focus Forward!

Photography Ken Rochon

Photography Ken Rochon

It’s the end of summer, and autumn is about to begin.  My word of advice to anyone who dares listen: Don’t look back. Make peace with what is past, and focus forward. The final quarter of 2014 is upon us. The question is will you finish strong?

Or will you look back?

Will you run back, or turn back to who and what is not good for you?

Here’s the thing: the past is the past for a reason. It is behind you. It is meant for your learning, your experience, and your growth. It is never meant to be a dwelling place or a place for us to return. The past is something we need to let go of. Some people, some bridges, some relationships were meant to end. Rejection is protection. People rarely change. They may want to. But change is hard. It takes years, and lots of work to work through whatever we have “been through”. Do NOT miss this.

Recently, someone from my past tried to come back into my life. I loved this person. As I have never loved someone before. But the way he exited my life. The way he hurt me, and others. The way he refused to deal with his wounds, and work through his pain left me wounded and broken inside.  You cannot fix or change other people. Only they can do that. Broken people break things. So, if you left them. Or they left you. Or it didn’t work out. Why do you keep looking back? Why are you allowing your temporary loneliness or fears that you may be alone to control your destiny?

One of the greatest distractions in our life is FEAR. False. Evidence. Acting. Real. We only see an illusion of what we think we want or need. When in reality, GOD has already spoken it into the universe. He has your spouse. He has your job. He has your children. He has it ALL waiting for you when you seek HIM first. The most dangerous thing we can ever do to our lives is to HURRY what GOD wants us to WAIT for. Or WHO God wants us to prepare for.  I learned this the hard way.  But thank GOD I learned it well.

My sis, Heather Lindsey (Pinky Promise founder) does a “bed check” each night. She always reminds us that we are Holy beings. That we are worthy of the best GOD has for us. The best that life has for us. She reminds us to go to sleep alone, unless we are in bed with our spouse. She offers more than that though. Heather challenges us constantly to STOP going back to our “mud” and our “vomit”. The scripture warns us in Proverbs 26:11, “A dog returns to his vomit and a pig to her mud.” So what does that mean?

It means this: No matter how much we may want to do the right things, we are in constant conflict with our nature. Our nature is to be free, wild, rebellious, and in our own will. However, when we find Christ. When we are made new. We must become a new creation. We don’t go back to who and what has hurt us. We don’t get back into relationships with old flames, people we slept with, or hurt, damaged, or who did the same to us. Love yourself enough at the end of this year, to finish strong.  Not just in your career, but in your life. Stop being tossed to & fro by your emotions. Start thinking and making wise choices, after prayer, counsel, and faith has weighed in.

You know: Sometimes the very thing we’re looking for is the one thing we can’t see.  My charge to all of you and to myself is to slow down. Seek God’s voice. Open your eyes. Make sure in your haste to get what you want, that you don’t miss who and what GOD has standing right in front of you.  The past is past. Leave it and the people who were in it there. You have four months left in 2014. Make them count. Make them the best ever. Offer them up to GOD. And save the best for last.



One thought on “[NEW] It’s Time to Finish Strong: Don’t Look Back. It’s Time to Focus Forward!

  1. Slow down. This is great advice. I often find myself trying to speed up God’s process because I don’t believe I am as far along in any aspect of life as I should be. It’s not up to me…thanks for the reminder 😀

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