World Renowned Church Speaker, Anti-Trafficker & Best-Selling Author Christine Caine to Launch Propel Women at Liberty University in Virginia


New Initiative to Equip Women Christian Leaders

Los Angeles — A major global initiative aimed at connecting, equipping and empowering
Christian women leaders launches January 26, 2015.
The initiative, called “Propel: Women Who Lead,” is founded by Christine Caine, author
and founder of the A21 Campaign. The Propel initiative will launch during five days of
activities at Liberty University January 26-30.
Caine will speak at Liberty University convocations; and will be joined by a wide range of
prominent Christian leaders including Carl Lentz and Beth Moore—bringing a wealth of
insights on empowering women to lead, equipping them for success, and helping them
develop a sense of God-given purpose. Christian artists Kari Jobe and Meredith Andrews
will be joining Christine Caine and Propel at Liberty.
Asked about the mission of the new initiative, Christine Caine said, “Our calling and
objective with Propel is to help women internalize a leadership identity.”
Caine’s organization, A21, has grown to be a leading force in a battle against human
trafficking along with the rescue and restoration of women enslaved by it. She is the
author of numerous books including, Unstoppable: Running the Race You Were Born to
Win; Undaunted: Daring to Do what God Calls You to Do; and A Life Unleashed: Giving
Birth to Your Dreams; and speaks frequently in venues around the world.
She says her message to Christian women everywhere is, “Whether you are leading one
or one thousand, we hear you. Whether you stumbled into leading or were called into
leading, we see you. Whether you want to lead or are trying to find your way in
leadership, we are here for you. Propel wants to launch you forward.”
Propel’s full website featuring resources for women in all spheres of life will also launch
on January 26. Currently, readers can download the free issue of the digital Propel
Magazine there at
Source: Propel
Contact: Alli Worthington.

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