Saturday Coffee: You Must Release so God can Restore by Sophia A. Nelson


Sophia Nelson Quotables

We are now six months into 2015, and I began the year by challenging all of us to SHIFT into the new year with purpose and by releasing what was behind us. We are now in the 2nd half of 2015, it is summer and the challenge is the same: What do you need to RELEASE so that GOD can RESTORE?

It is not too late to get back what you lost. God can redeem time. God can heal wounds. God can bring the right people into your life, when the wrongs ones reject you. If you want to get back what the locusts of your life have eaten, then you need to clear your fields, clear your barns, clear your heart of the residue of the past. God is waiting to give you the best. Your latter days will be your greatest days. You have not seen what HE is about to do for you. HE is going to redeem the time you lost, as only HE can. Trust HIM. Release what you are holding onto, so that GOD can RESTORE what you lost. (SAN)

6 thoughts on “Saturday Coffee: You Must Release so God can Restore by Sophia A. Nelson

  1. Thank you Sophia as your sorority sister this uplifted me and brought tears to my eyes as I realized I need to release those detractors in my life. God bless you

  2. I was up writing a note on what I wanted to say to you and leave on your FB inbox and I find this particular post and read it. It’s no coincidence continue to bless others with all that you have and bless you. God is amazing!

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