Thoughts on the Paris Terrorist Attacks: 5 Things We Need to Cherish About Living by Sophia A. Nelson

2015-11-14_1432As I awoke this morning safe in my bed, in my secluded, safe from reality affluent DC Suburb of Northern Virginia, I fell to my knees and I gave thanks to God for living to see yet another day. I was on a train headed from Philadelphia to Washington last night when news broke of the Parisian attacks in France. Security for New York and DC was on high alert, and you could feel the tension on the train as people read their iPhone and blackberry alerts.

And I also prayed for those who were not so blessed this morning and who lost their lives in yesterday’s tragic Paris attacks. I prayed for mercy for those still fighting for their lives. I prayed for justice for the families of the victims. And I prayed for a God who says “vengeance is mine” to eradicate the evil know as “ISIS”. I also prayed for our world leaders, and for President Obama here at home to find the courage and bravery to go after these killers. They are evil walking. They are cowards. They are villains and they must be stopped. No matter the price.

One of the first thoughts I had laying in bed this morning was a.) of those I love b.) of the scripture in James 4:14 “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” (NIV) c.) of John Lennon’s song “Imagine”. All in that order. And I wondered, like many of you what kind of world we now live in that such horror is commonplace and that we appear to be rendered powerless to fight it.

On my #SaturdayCoffee periscope this morning (WATCH HERE: ) I offered 5 important LIFE lessons that I believe the horrific attacks in Paris once again reinforce for us. We felt them after 9-11 here in America. I pray we will grasp them after Paris yesterday. They are as follows:


1. Life is Fragile: It must be handled with extreme care. Just like fine china or family heirlooms, we must see the fragility of life and handle people with care. As well as ourselves.

2. Life is over in an instant: As Paris once again teaches us, we are only here for an instant. A moment. That moment can be 100 years or 23 years of age as with young Nohemi Gonzalez, of Cal State Long Beach. President Kennedy was sitting an in open car in the sun one moment, and laying slumped over after an assassins bullet in the next. Live your life. Day by day. Moment by moment. You never know when your time is coming.

3. Life is precious: It is everything. It is priceless. It is to be honored. Cherished. And handled with great care.

4. Life is a treasure: Life not your money. Not your stuff. Not your possessions or status. It is worth more than silver and gold. Your life is a treasure.

5. Life is to be lived: You will get but one life. Your one and only life. And you must live that life to the full. Stop waiting. Stop regretting. Stop lamenting who and what you lost. And start being grateful for who you have left. Live your LIFE. Love your family. Love your spouse. Make it right. Forgive. Release. Heal. And enjoy your one and only precious life.

I love you guys. And I love you too Paris.



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