So About ABC’s Scandal Season Finale & What It Means for Strong. Accomplished. Black Women.

shareasimage (9)Everyone knows that I love Scandal. I have known its co-creator Washington power house attorney and former Bush Administration Deputy Press Secretary Judy Smith since I was in my twenties. I have had the opportunity to interview the amazing Kerry Washington (READ:×3-2jpg ) and I found her to be elegant, classy, savvy and incredibly smart. I think the show is groundbreaking in its leading black woman of power role. Having said that, however, last week’s Scandal episode crossed a line. A serious and dangerous line.

Never mind the shocking abortion scene, and the love fest for Planned Parenthood. Never mind Shondra Rhimes blatant disrespect for those of us who support and watch her shows who are pro-life, and women of faith. But the smack in the face for millions of hardworking, accomplished, strong black women in this nation who want love. Who want to be mothers. Who want to be wives. And who know well how to be a “partner”–a “power partner” without losing themselves.

Olivia went rogue. She is so self-centered and power hungry that she couldn’t be a full partner to Fitz. The man who she says she has loved forever. The man who time and time again has sacrificed for her. Put it all on the line for her. And that the abortion scene of their “love child” was played to “silent night” a beloved Christian hymn, is just outrageous.

Last week’s episode underscores yet again that strong black women are not team players. That we do not know how to sacrifice self for love. That we do not know how to support a powerful man we love. That we must always be the “BIG DOG” in the room. What a farce. What an insult. That is NOT who we are. And it is damn sure not the legacy of our grandmothers and mothers. We are the original sacrificial lambs. The “mules” of the world. We lift as we climb. We love our men fiercely. We are the most amazing lovers, and givers of self. Even when we are smart, career driven, educated and accomplished.

I for one will no longer be watching or live Tweeting Scandal or Being Mary Jane (BET) which also crossed the line last week (Mary Jane was in an open sex club and allows a strange white man to openly fondle her veejay jay in the club. And worse, her cutty buddy–sex boy toy–has an epileptic seizure after wild sex in her bed.). I am sick. I am disgusted. I am not a prude. Sex is amazing. But love and commitment are more amazing. We are not wild animals sisters. We are women: to be loved. cared for and nurtured. These images of us on these shows from “How to Get Away With Murder” to Scandal, in a word make us look: NUTS.

Sisters, I have been saying it for years: It. Is. Time. For. Us. To. Heal.

We are not these psychotic, sex crazed, self-absorbed, depressed, suicidal women. Sister’s heal. Do not let the media or images of who people say we are define the reality of our options and our possibilities in real life. Shame on Scandal. You missed the mark. Olivia Pope may just be a fictional character to you, but she is a symbol of professional, driven, accomplished black women everywhere. And you took that symbol and made it a shameful stereotype of who people already say we are. You can do better. You are brilliant. We are brilliant. We are beautiful. And most of all we know how to love.

4 thoughts on “So About ABC’s Scandal Season Finale & What It Means for Strong. Accomplished. Black Women.

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  3. Bravo…well said and I am so glad to stand with you . We allow such garbage to influence us thru TV and other media.
    Than you.

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