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9 thoughts on “About Author. Columnist. Speaker. Sophia A. Nelson, Esq

  1. Dear Ms. Nelson,
    I saw you on C-Span (8-20-12) and I tried to call in to speak with you but to no avail. I say you did quite a marvelous job. I am a Black screenwriter who had 2 screenplays that were used separately in violation of Copyright Laws; one case was settled “out of court”. The latest case involving the movie “Dreamgirls” received absolutely no justice in federal court. The main media sources would not mention my case to the public. There are people receiving credit and wealth from my work, which is not acceptable. I want to know if I could receive a different response from you. I also studied law myself. I look forward to hearing directly from you. And thank you for your time.

    Samuel G. Bailey

  2. Good Morning Attorney Nelson,
    Thank you for listening to my C-Span call in yesterday along with the rest of the team and guest. I addressed the issue of a False Bill of Sale / False Bill of Hope. I know you mentioned the pondering of the statement.
    You are correct in relating part of Dr. King’s America has to settle the issue (present the check) in his previous references. My main segway on False Bill of Hope focuses on those who freed us after a long and divisive American Civil War (white and black) was hoping we as blacks could now move on with our lives and they would / could not be held accountable anymore. The terminology you are free now and no longer a slave is nixed by saying what else do you want? You are free. Yes, you are right hope lives within us like an ember about to be extinguished. However, a small breeze of air strengths our resolve and allows the fire / passion to move and improve our life and others. Being freed slaves African Americans slaves were hoping they could prove their continued value to our nation and the loss of so many lives. Adding bill to the phrase is significant because bill are introduced, reconciled across branches of government, eventually becoming laws of this great nation.

  3. Ms. Sophia, My name is Corey Rice. I am from Memphis, Tennessee. I am impressed with your credentials. Your are a perfect example of a black woman. Maybe you should consider a run for public office. I have also checked you out on Facebook. You are a beautiful woman who has it together. I hope that you come to Memphis to speak at an event. Keep me posted.

  4. Hi Sophia, about a year ago someone told me to read you book Black Women Redefined. Later on unemployment happened as a single-parent mom. 5 months ago I returned to work as a contractor who is not quite out of the struggles. Just today was a life changing moment when I was down to zero dollars and asked male friend to give me $40 for my 12 year old. Sophia never will I ever ask a man for financial assistance. I hurried off to the library to get your book and Secrets of Six-Figure Women. It is women like you who make us proud. Valissa in Lithia Springs, GA

  5. Author Nelson,
    Thank you for helping us understand what is inside of us and worth showing the world we all have VALUE!

    This is the update on my ten (10) copies ordered in the Spring of 2014
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  6. Dear Ms Nelson, my name is Johannes Mushi I live in a small town Polokwane, South Africa. An eagle fly together with other eagles. Big dreams are not achieved alone, it is wise to share your dream with people who share common interest. My dream is to become a life coach, I would like to find mentor.

  7. Miss Nelson,i understand that you recently incurred a cruel barrage of obscene insults by some demented people out there,who didn’t like your remarks about Bruce Jenner-and be fully assured,that YOU are not alone in this Battle! as an Anti-Gay,i get my fair share of Hate mail and
    insults-especially on areas like Yahoo,Facebook,and You Tube-and it seems,that if anybody dares to disagree with LGBT supremacy,which almost makes its critics like criminals,when they speak-out against Homosexuality and Transgenders-then we’re assaulted by Hate responses,and raw profanity-you,being called the C word,is a clear example of these spiritually sick people,who think that their rights to Gender Equality entitles them to attack and degrade those of us,who don’t go along with the Big Gay/Transgender party-and Bruce Jenner is definately NO exception to the rules,
    and like you,i think the man has had a serious spiritual breakdown,because whatever prompted him
    to suddenly change his sexual identity,is anything,but normal,nor should that type of thing become the Public’s business,because it isn’t! i saw the “VANITY FAIR” cover-and in all honesty,he’ll always
    be Bruce Jenner,because the Transgender thing,just doesn’t cut it! but when people are attacked
    with profanity and threats like you just experienced,then by all means,stand your ground,and fight back! YOU told the truth,and these people hate that,,and that’s just Too Bad for them-but when you’re threatened,please take as much legal action as you can-because if LGBTs and their liberal supporters think that they have some “elite” status to suppress other people’s right to Free Speech,
    then they need correction! and while we’re still America,the people who resort to abusive language
    and threats need a serious wake-up call,because no Homosexual or Transgender is going to stop me,or anybody else from speaking their minds-it has been,and it will ALWAYS be a lifestyle BY CHOICE,and not all the lies and excuses that these people use! not all Americans are Gay or Transgenders,and its time that the LGBTs become aware of this fact,before they go looking for trouble,by resorting to obscene swearing,and threats-THEY are the REAL losers,and i hope your Twitter status exposes this one sided POV! Thank You,for your time!

  8. I just read your Politico article, “Donald Trump, the GOP, Race and Me.” I qualify as a bit of a Trumpist. I think it is a political party in dire need of repair. I found the article to be very insightful and sadly, true. Thank you for writing it! Best to you!!

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