Ready Set Redefine 2013 Launches National Conference YouTube Channel Featuring Redefinition Strategist Sophia A. Nelson

0004 copyGet ready for the most anticipated national motivational conference tour of the year.  Author & Motivational Speaker Sophia A. Nelson is set to tour the nation for a set of 1 day intimate and comprehensive Redefined “Salons” and a 2 day weekend conference in the fall of 2013 in the Washington, DC metro region.  Our conference planners d2Firm based in Detroit, Michigan have created a special YOUTUBE channel specifically for the conference with daily inspirations, information, guest features and more:

This is the only national tour where women will learn the life skills necessary to ignite the power within to achieve the following goals:

-how to Define the Life you want on your own terms

-how to Redefine your Life when You Need a New Direction

-how to Achieve Healthy Work Life Balance

-how to Collaborate Successfully with other Women in the Workplace

-how to Practice Living in the Spirit As a Means of Achieving Success

-how to Discover your innate “CODE” as a Woman that Leads to Your Life’s Purpose

Join Sophia, Mayors, Corporations, Churches, Communities, and Women from around the nation for a year long national tour. Cities already booked: Birmingham, Baltimore, Washington, DC., Houston, Buffalo, New York City, San Diego, Orlando, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit & More TBA.  

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